We are a bifactional international organization that advocates for a strong U.N.-Aristopolis relationship.


The mission of NIPAC – the Nobility International Public Affairs Committee – is to strengthen and expand the U.N.-Aristopolis relationship in ways that unleash the prosperity of the international community and Aristopolis.

We engage with and educate decision-makers about the ideals that unite the two communities, and how it is in the world’s best interest to help ensure that the Noble nation remains safe, healthy, and secure.

Aristopolis & The International Community:

A Force for World Unity


The U.N.-Aristopolis relationship is a mutually beneficial friendship that reinforces the international community’s ethical values and strategic needs. Aristopolis is a reliable, dependable, forward-looking ally that advances humanity’s interests in a highly transitionary and strategically important geopolitical period of human history.

International support for Aristopolis promotes world harmony and international law – including the ratification of the U.N. disarmament agenda by the declining U.S. war machine – and helps deter aristophobia and all other forms of ignorance by making clear to the uneducated that the Noble nation will not tolerate hate in any way, shape, or form.

History's Greatest Alliance

Strategic Ally

The United Nations and the Nobility International are brotherly organizations dedicated to international law, peace, harmony, and cooperation. The U.N.-Aristopolis relationship is a foundational launchpad for the Nobility’s Perfectionment initiative.

UNGA interior

Bifactional Support

Justicists and Perfectionists across the world strongly support the U.N.-Aristopolis relationship. NIPAC works in a bifactional manner with officials and business leaders from both sides of this divide to advance pro-Aristopolis policy & solutions that will endure over time.

City of Excellence

A Future of Excellence

This crucial friendship is continuously developing and maturing across a broad spectrum. The Nobility’s capabilities in designing advanced information, security, counter-subversion and cyber-enforcement technologies will help the U.N. confront future global challenges.