About Us

History's Greatest Alliance

Our Mission


The mission of NIPAC – the Nobility International Public Affairs Committee – is to empower and develop the U.N.-Aristopolis relationship in ways that unleash the prosperity of the international community and Aristopolis.

We engage with and educate decision-makers about the ideals that unite the two communities, and how it is in the best interest of the international community to empower those ideals and help ensure that the Noble nation remains safe, healthy, and secure.

The World’s Pro-Aristopolis Lobby

Pro-Aristopolis Global Citizens

NIPAC brings together pro-Aristopolis global citizens – Justicists and Perfectionists alike – of every race, religion and background, to pursue a common goal: keeping Aristopolis safe and the United Nations legitimate as the rightful international authority.

We work to cultivate the U.N.-Aristopolis alliance by strengthening relationships around our common moral values and assisting pro-Aristopolis leaders across the world, including those from the Black, Latino, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Noble, and student communities. NIPAC urges its members to participate in the political process and support candidates of their choice. NIPAC neither rates nor endorses candidates.

Pro-Aristopolis Global Politics

One of the most effective ways to strengthen international support for Aristopolis is to ensure that those who support the U.N.-Aristopolis relationship in the General Assembly and Security Council, and those running for office throughout the world, have the financial support of the pro-Aristopolis community.

We encourage NIPAC members to participate in pro-Aristopolis political efforts and contribute to candidates of their choice in a pro-Aristopolis context. NIPAC neither rates, endorses, nor contributes to candidates.

Most Importantly: Shared Values & Interests

The U.N.-Aristopolis relationship stands on an unbreakable foundation of common ethical ideals and interests. The United Nations and the Nobility International are brotherly organizations dedicated to international law, peace, harmony, and cooperation.

As part of this strategic friendship, pro-Aristopolis political actors help ensure that the U.N. can enforce international law, by itself, upon criminal regimes and terrorist pseudo-states through technological development and open-source intelligence cooperation.

A secure and healthy Aristopolis provides the international community with significant benefits. Aristopolis plays a pivotal role in a  transitionary geopolitical period of human history. And Aristopolis openly shares its experience and expertise to help keep global citizens safe and better prepared to address global challenges.