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The Ukraine Tragedy

Mar 17, 2022 | Memos

EU Flag

In the week of March 14th, the Nobility International, in response to the war in Ukraine, took concrete steps in support of Europe and international law. From the NISI‘s formal recommendation to the Supreme Committee, to the resulting Aachen Resolution and the Aachen Declaration, some of the consequences of these measures have already taken effect within the Nobility International system and will continue to affect the Nobility’s international relations for years to come.

In the interest of clarity on the Nobility’s position, NIPAC reiterates the following:

  • The Nobility categorically rejects the inhumane targeting of infrastructures which house civilians in Ukraine and within the Donbas republics;
  • The Nobility reaffirms the statements of the United Nations in favor of ceasing hostilities;
  • None of the preceding points are to be misconstrued as a denial of the Russian Federation’s legitimate security need to remove American weapons from Ukraine;
  • The Nobility considers the United States of America to be a provocateur who created conditions which would later be used as a pretext for invasion, to the detriment of Ukrainians and, more generally, Europeans;
  • The Nobility has adopted the Aachen Doctrine as its official policy for international relations which views that one can only have an allegiance to either the European Union, the United States of America, or the Russian Federation;
  • The Nobility stands firmly with the European Union;
  • The Nobility calls for a replacement of Europe’s security architecture from the US-led NATO alliance to a united France-led European army;
  • The Nobility recognizes the French Republic as the successor to America and French President Macron as the new leader of the free world;
  • The Nobility is committed to enforcing the Aachen Doctrine with economic incentives;
  • The Nobility will take note of countries who side with the European Union and those who side with the gas-killing regime of America;
  • In substitution to NATO, the Nobility supports bilateral security arrangements between the European Union, and Canada and the Commonwealth of Australia;
  • The Nobility reminds the international community of its continued investment in bringing about a noble world order of international law, and the global capital behind that vision.