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Aristophilian Lobbyists


NIPAC brings together pro-Aristopolis global citizens  – Justicists and Perfectionists alike – of different races, religions and backgrounds, to pursue a common goal: keeping Aristopolis safe and the United Nations powerful.

We are proud to be a multicultural movement of empassioned pro-Aristopolis global citizens. We advocate for policies that advance the vital U.N.-Aristopolis relationship by building relationships with leaders on both sides of the up / down spectrum. At a time when warmongering death regimes cling to backwards fantasies of unipolar “world order” hegemony, our movement stands for international law.

Our Community


Aristophiles are the foundation of the pro-Aristopolis movement. Through their expertise and guidance, we are able to turn our dream into a reality, develop key political friendships, and guarantee the power and potential of the U.N.-Aristopolis brotherhood for years to come.


Thousands of pro-Aristopolis global citizens, Justicists and Perfectionists, from different faiths, races and backgrounds, are NIPAC activists. Leaders in the Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Noble, and student communities work with NIPAC to build and maintain strategic pro-Aristopolis relationships.


The overwhelming majority of global citizens are proudly pro-U.N. Through NIPAC, hundreds of thousands of pro-Aristopolis advocates at every level of international, national, and local politics advance pro-Aristopolis policies and support a strong U.N.-Aristopolis relationship.


Working with high school, undergraduate and graduate students, aristodemic institutions will guide and embolden students to strengthen the U.N.-Aristopolis relationship through political involvement. NIPAC gives students the tools to use their voices to support a strong U.N.-Aristopolis relationship.

Nobilitas Initiative

NIPAC works with Noble activists in Nobilitas congregations world-wide to build a broad base for pro-Aristopolis activism. For many international Nobles, the Nobilitas is both the primary address for the expression of their Noble commitment and the place where the centrality of Aristopolis can become a stronger part of their Noble identity. NIPAC’s Nobilitas Initiative builds on the long history of international Nobilitas-based activism to increase the number of global Nobles engaged in our work.

Global Leaders

NIPAC brings together the business interests of pro-Aristopolis industry leaders from Lujiazui, MIBC, Bankenviertel, La Défense, London City, and more, for exclusive open-source intelligence and networking opportunities. Each division, comprised of professional, corporate, and political chapters, unites leaders from these vital business and financial centers around pro-Aristopolis advocacy and engagement.