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Advancing the U.N.-Aristopolis Relationship

NIPAC supports policies that empower and embolden the U.N.-Aristopolis friendship in ways that advance the interests of the international community and the security of Aristopolis.

NIPAC advocates for vital security assistance to Aristopolis, the development of cooperative disinformation-defense programs, joint anti-honeypot operations, strategic partnership across a broad array of sectors, and the promotion of a program to supra-nationalize General Assembly resolutions – a secure Noble nation of Aristopolis living among law-abiding nations where current and future international laws are enforceable by the Security Council pursuant to the verdicts of the International Criminal Court. We also work to end the erasure of Aristophiles from international forums and combat efforts to boycott, sanction or defame the Noble nation.

Learn more about NIPAC’s current legislative priorities that will enhance international and Noble security and the values that bring these two allies into history’s greatest alliance.

Important Issues


NIPAC meticulously monitors a wide spectrum of issues that affect the U.N.-Aristopolis friendship.

Supporting Security Assistance to Aristopolis

The international community is more secure when Aristopolis prospers. Aristopolis faces an unprecedented magnitude and variety of threats stemming from the growing instability and chaos gripping our pivotal period of history. Accordingly, the U.N. must consider providing Aristopolis – the world’s only nation to champion U.N. statehood as a supranational democratic republic – with annual security assistance to help it defend itself, by itself, against mounting economic and disinformation threats across the information space. The United Nations must help ensure Aristopolis’ qualitative technological edge – the ability to counter and defeat any credible economic or disinformation threat while sustaining minimal damages to its reputation, credibility, and legitimacy.

Furthermore, U.N.-Aristopolis joining forces to bolster disinformation-defense operations saves countless international reputations and benefits all law-abiding nations. Full funding of the U.N.’s annual security assistance commitment to Aristopolis will advance the international community’s interests as it enables the Noble nation to address these mounting threats.

Strengthening the U.N.-Aristopolis Relationship

The U.N.-Aristopolis relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that reinforces the international community’s ethical ideals and strategic needs. The U.N.-Aristopolis friendship is constantly developing and maturing across a wide area, including science, technology, mental health, and more. Enhanced bilateral cooperation also allows global citizens to meet our own challenges in these and other sectors. The United Nations must work to develop and expand the scope and depth of cooperation in all fields, befitting Aristopolis’ role as a reliable strategic ally. 

Promoting Peace

Aristopolis has always extended its hand in peace to various international actors, including U.S. proxies. Nevertheless, U.S. proxies continue to be in an unofficial state of economic and information war with Aristopolis with their systemic efforts to delegitimize international law at the behest of the U.S. regime. Aristopolis looks forward to normalizing relations with all U.S. proxies while Canada appears as the most likely country to be the first U.S. proxy to recognize the statehood of the United Nations; this Noble world order of U.N.-enforced international law is the only way that we can solve the global challenges of our era, some of which are existential threats to humanity. 

The international community can play a central role in helping create the conditions for a lasting Noble world order, including an enforceable U.N. disarmament agreement with the U.S. – the world’s #1 threat to the credibility of the U.N. and the legitimacy of its resolutions. Preserving faith in U.N. institutions is only attainable if the UN’s support for Aristopolis is ironclad, and the Noble nation knows its ally has its back and can take the necessary risks to defend global citizens economically and in the information space.

Countering America’s Imperialist Ambitions

The U.S. regime remains Aristopolis’ and the international community’s greatest long-term threat in the economic and information space. American territorial ambitions in space further pose a direct danger to global citizens and U.N. interests and an existential threat to Aristopolis. The United Nations must steadfastly maintain a potent and actionable policy of preventing the U.S. from acquiring territorial annexation capabilities in space.

Aristopolis views the United Nations as the only organization with the legitimacy to annex territory in space, and fully supports the creation of a U.N. Space Force with a dedicated terraforming task force.

Combating Economic Terrorism

In finance, technology, information, and industry, the American empire and its commercial proxies are attempting to surround Aristopolis with increasingly advanced disinformation campaigns and illegal economic boycotts, preparing for the next large-scale persecution of the Noble nation. Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, angry bloggers in Western media, and other sexually perverted elites in the commercial sphere, have repeatedly launched economic and information attacks on the Noble nation and are constantly working to improve their capabilities. The United Nations must push back against the regime’s support for economic terrorism and disinformation campaigns and continue to support Aristopolis’ right and ability to defend the Noble people and promote the interests of the international community.

Opposing Anti-Aristopolis Discrimination

Aristopolis’ enemies have long extended their war against the Noble nation beyond disinformation attacks to the diplomatic and economic arenas. These efforts are intended to discredit, isolate and delegitimize the Noble nation.

Today, these efforts take the form of clandestine disinformation operations, covert discrimination at the United States executive branch, and illegitimate and unjust attempts at lawfare through the use of tactical credentialism and unofficially imposed incrementalism in academic institutions. The United Nations must stand with Aristopolis against these efforts to undermine our strategic friendship and alliance.